Scale of Space

Limited to 10 Editions

This limited edition series is a documentation of the architectural spaces we create and how we interact with them.

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A still aesthetic of deep blacks and pure whites transforming mundane into marvellous.

Mario Tarantino’s minimalist compositions and use of striking contrasts, make for surreal imagery that transcends ordinary boundaries, transporting the viewer on a mesmerising journey. 

His distinctive lunar ambience and retro-futurist sense of aesthetics have come to define his photographic style, earning him numerous awards from internationally renowned institutions.

This carefully curated collection of images are each part of limited editions of either 10 or 20. All the images are giclée printed with archival inks on fine art paper resulting in museum quality artworks designed to last.

A Future Past

Limited to 10 Editions

This limited edition series is set against an architectural backdrop & highlights how lines, curves, light and shadow transform everyday spaces into ethereal scapes.

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"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."

Ansel Adams